All Our Tragic


June 20 - Aug 16, 2015: All Our Tragic is an epic cycle-play adaptation of the thirty-two surviving Greek tragedies first mounted August-October, 2014 returning for only 16 performances is the Summer of 2015. This twelve-hour theatrical event features the entire canon of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides that creates a modern Festival of Dionysus, the immersive, durational-theater experience of the Ancient Greeks for which these plays were originally written. These incredible festivals were designed to encourage civic conversation about important contemporary topics by incorporating music, politics and eating. Buy tickets at

Year of production


Dates of production

June 20 - August 9, 2015


The Den Theatre


Wicker Park


Sean Graney

Theater company/group

The Hypocrites

Theater company type



Sean Graney

Actor(s) (or other performers)

Breon Arzell
Erin Barlow
Will Bennett
Ryan Bourque
Walter Briggs (plays Herakles, Pentheus, Agamemnon)
Geoff Button (plays Prometheus, Herakles Orestes and others)
Kate Carson-Groner
Emily Casey
Tien Doman (plays Herakles’ wife, Odyssa, a female version of Odysseus, and others)
Lindsey Gavel
Danny Goodman
Rashaad Hall
Christopher James
Maximilian Lapine
Danny Martinez
Luce Metrius
Erin Myers
Dana Omar
Christine Stulik
Zeke Sulkes
John Taflan
Lauren Vogel
Joe Wiens.

Primary ancient source

Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides


The four sections of All Our Tragic:
Part 1: Physics
“Prometheus Bound” (Aeschylus)
“The Suppliants” (Aeschylus)
“Medea” (Euripides)
“Alkestis” (Euripides)
“Herakles (The Rage of Herakles)” (Euripides)
“The Suppliants” (Euripides)
“Hippolytus” (Euripides)
“The Women of Trachis” (Sophocles)
“Herakles’ Children” (Euripides)

Part 2: Politics
“The Bacchae” (Euripides)
“Ion” (Euripides)
“Oedipus Rex” (Sophocles)
“Oedipus at Colonus” (Sophocles)
“Seven Against Thebes” (Aeschylus)
“The Phoenician Women” (Euripides)
“Antigone” (Sophocles)

Part 3: Patriotics
“Iphigenia at Aulis” (Euripides)
“Rhesus” (Euripides)
“The Persians” (Aeschylus)
“Philoktetes” (Sophocles)
“Ajax” (Sophocles)
“Hecuba” (Euripides)
“The Trojan Women” (Euripides)

Part 4: Poetics
“Agamemnon” (Aeschylus)
“Helen” (Euripides)
“Elektra” (Euripides)
“Elektra (Sophocles)
“The Libation Bearers” (Aeschylus)
“Orestes” (Euripides)
“Iphigenia in Tauris” (Euripides)
“Andromache” (Euripides)
“The Furies” (Aeschylus)

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